Struts and Rear Flex Disc


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Maine, ME, USA
In January 2021 I bought a 2014 GLK250 with 43,000 miles on it. It was recently in for the emissions upgrade. It seems to be operating fine after that.

However, the dealer is telling me that my front struts are leaking and that my rear flex disc have deep cracking. This sounds very suspicious to me. Especially when he first asked me if I have an extended warranty before telling me about it. With the low mileage you can imagine that the car sat around alot. But, it is immaculate and looks like it sat in a garage. Anyone else had problems with their front struts or rear flex disc? I have two E250's with similar low mileage that sit around a lot and have not had any problems. The car rides perfect I plan to get it up on a lift at a local garage to look for myself. However, any experience here with needing replacement at low mileage? Thanks

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