Mercedes benz GLK 350 4Matic not starting


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I have a 2010 GLK350 4Matic . The car was working fine. There were no warning signs on the dashboard and one day it simply decided to not start. there is no sound when I try to start the engine. Some things still work in the car - lights work, the keys open and close the car (I tested with the spare key to see if it was a key that decided to break), the sits can be adjusted, the battery is good (tested with the battery load tester). I check all fuses and relays (relays where checked for continuity) and they are good. The starter works as well (I used the remote starter switch to test it and it turns). I opened the hood and found that the manifold throttle lever the holds the tumble flap actuator is broke - the actuator arm is no longer connected to that lever but looks intact (I didn't remove the manifold so I don't know the details of the breakage, but definitely see the break on the lever) ( - this shows visually what I am referring to). I was curious if that problem can cause the car to not start.

Thank you