Mercedes 2024 GLC 300 4matic SUV Newbies' ?s


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1. There's no audio CD player in this model. Is it possible to use an external one to connect to the SUV's audio system? I didn't see any audio input ports?

2. Is there a digital PDF copy of the huge thick user manual?

3. Is it me or is Mercedes-Me Connect's iOS app not reliable in iPhone 11 Pro Max (iOS v16.7.2)? It seems to be updated slowly and showing status from long ago even if the iPhone is on home's reliable cable wifi. Is it still using cellular for Internet since home has very weak and no cellular coverage? iPhone has to use Wi-Fi calling with VZW at home.

4. I told SUV to connect to fast cable's wifi in the home's garage. Its Maps (Google and Apple) complaining no Internet or very slow Internet. When I use SUV's web browser, it is fast. Are maps, Mercedes Me, and other apps not using home's cable's wifi?

Thank you for reading and hopefully answering soon.
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Halifax, NS, Canada
I just bought a 2022 GLC300 4Matic SUV on March 12, 2024. Everything is excellent, but one thing. I have a vibration on the steering column between 80 and 90 km, mainly in the eighth gear. However, travelling up a steep hill can happen in 5, 6, and 7 gear. The software update has been done for the steering column, the tires have been re-balanced, and the rims were sent out to be machined balanced, this was all don by the Mercedes-Benz dealer at no charge. But the issue is still there. The service manager has been in my car three times and knows the problem is real. However, he is researching to see what it could be.
I have lifted the car to see its underside, and there is no evidence of damage, scratches, or marks.

I was wondering whether it could be the transmission. Either the controller is malfunctioning, the software is corrupt, or the transmission has an issue.

Does anyone have this issue, and has it been fixed?