Mercedes 2024 GLC 300 4matic SUV Newbies' ?s


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1. There's no audio CD player in this model. Is it possible to use an external one to connect to the SUV's audio system? I didn't see any audio input ports?

2. Is there a digital PDF copy of the huge thick user manual?

3. Is it me or is Mercedes-Me Connect's iOS app not reliable in iPhone 11 Pro Max (iOS v16.7.2)? It seems to be updated slowly and showing status from long ago even if the iPhone is on home's reliable cable wifi. Is it still using cellular for Internet since home has very weak and no cellular coverage? iPhone has to use Wi-Fi calling with VZW at home.

4. I told SUV to connect to fast cable's wifi in the home's garage. Its Maps (Google and Apple) complaining no Internet or very slow Internet. When I use SUV's web browser, it is fast. Are maps, Mercedes Me, and other apps not using home's cable's wifi?

Thank you for reading and hopefully answering soon.
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