Smartphone Integration System - CarPlay

Hey guys, I've just placed an order for the new GLC 250d and I am very excited. Production date was set for April 2016 and delivery on May 2016.

I have been checking ever since the Mercedes Benz (German DE) website, and the configuration for each car.

What I have realized is that the following cars come with the optional Smartphone Integration System, which allows you to connect and operate your smartphone, iphone (CarPlay) or android through your center console (Audio 20CD or command online). The cars with available feature are:

A class, B class, CLA, CLS, GLA, GLE and GLS.

Unfortunately, and I do not understand the reason, the GLC does not come yet with that optional feature.

Can anyone answer the reason why? Anyone has got further/updated information of that?

would be glad to hear your opinions.

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