Our new to us 2010 GLK350


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Stockport, OH, USA
Took the wife shopping for a Subaru today and came home with a 2010 GLK350. She’s been beating around in her 2008 Honda Ridgeline for a while. It honestly has more than 50 zip ties holding the front pumper together, but the Honda will continue its use around the properties as a truck, so the patina will continue to grow. Anyways we went to look at a Forester, but came home with a 2010 GLK350. It’s body is perfect without a flaw, it drives amazingly. What things should we be looking closely at with this vehicle, it’s at 150k. I feel I bought it well at 8k, but I know there will be maintenance. It’s been in service and they say it checks out. It doesn’t have any strange noises yet. Let me know what issues I might have. We hope to do 100k with it.