I replaced my wheel sensor, it didnt work completely, does anyone know why?


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Dallas, TX, USA
Hello everyone, I have a 2015 Mercedes GLK.

The ABS system was engaging at low speeds and dry pavements, often making the car abruptly brake out of nowhere ( at highway speeds this never happens)

after a while, the ESP and ABS lights would come on and stay lit for a few minutes/ hours, then the process would repeat itself on and on.

I got a reading saying it was a faulty left front wheel sensor, so I got it replaced.
I changed the Speed sensor myself, the ABS light went off, but the ESP lights didn’t….. It was weird because this had never happened before, the ABS light did go off but the ESP lights didnt, but that was only for a few minutes, then the ABS light was lit again.

I bought A 204 905 31 05, now I noticed the seller sent me A 204 905 27 05. Could this number difference be the problem?​

I noticed that it could also be the abs reluctor ring, but I think that’s unlikely given that my car has only 40k miles.

Thanks in advance.