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  1. cr89

    Mercedes GLC Forum, Mercedes GLK Forum Does all the GLK share the same Mass airflow sensor?

    I have also just gotten the P0101 code and will be hopping underneath the car later today to diagnose what is likely a cracked/leaking intercooler hose (my guess from research). Paired with an intermittent P0299 which is under boosting the Turbo..... it’s likely an air flow issue. I’ve searched...
  2. cr89

    Mercedes GLC Forum, Mercedes GLK Forum Tire Pressure

    This sounds like the tires you purchased might have not been as solid as originally presented. I just purchased brand new set of Hankook Ventus S1 Noble2’s and not a single bit of pressure lost after the first few hours of driving. I check tire pressure weekly btw. Sent from my iPhone using...